MemTest86 Technical Information

Test Results

Test Results

At the end of the test, a summary of the test results is displayed, as shown in the following screenshot:

MemTest86 Test Summary

    Lowest Error Address:
        The lowest address that where an error has been reported.
    Highest Error Address:
        The highest address that where an error has been reported.
    Bits in Error Mask:
        A mask of all bits that have been in error (hexadecimal).
    Bits in Error:
        Total bit in error for all error instances and the min, max and average bit in error of each individual occurrence.
    Max Contiguous Errors:
        The maximum of contiguous addresses with errors.
    CPUs in Error:
        List of CPU cores that detected memory errors.
    ECC Correctable/Uncorrectable Errors:
        The number of errors that have been corrected/uncorrected by ECC hardware.
    Test Errors:
        On the right hand side of the screen the number of errors for each test are displayed.

The user may also save the results as an HTML test report to a file. The test report appearance is fully customizable in the pro and site license version. Here is an example of an HTML test report

To save your the results as a HTML report, press Y to save when prompted. Note the file name the report will appear as, this will be saved to the USB you have booted from.

As seen in the following screenshot:

MemTest86 HTML Report