MemTest86 Technical Information

PXE Network Booting (Site Edition only)

MemTest86 (Site Edition only) supports network booting via PXE. In order to configure PXE booting of MemTest86, a DHCP/PXE server must be present on the network which distributes the MemTest86 boot image to PXE boot-enabled client machines.

Network booting of MemTest86 has been tested successfully with the Linux-based CentOS 7 (DHCP + TFTP server) and Windows-based Serva PXE Server(1) but other PXE servers should work as well.

For step-by-step instructions, see Configuring a PXE Server on CentOS 7 or Configuring Serva for MemTest86 PXE Boot in the MemTest86 User Guide. For others, consult the documentation for your DHCP/PXE server for configuration instructions.

(1) MemTest86 PXE Boot has been tested to work with Serva v3.0.0. There has been reports of issues with uploaded files being truncated to 512 bytes with Serva v3.2.0. Please use v3.0.0 until the issue has been resolved.

Below is a video tutorial for PXE Set Up and Configuration.


Right-click to download, MP4 format, 57MB