MemTest86 Technical Information

PXE Network Booting (Site Edition only)

MemTest86 (Site Edition only) supports network booting via PXE. In order to configure PXE booting of MemTest86, a DHCP/PXE server must be present on the network which distributes the MemTest86 boot image to PXE boot-enabled client machines. Network booting of MemTest86 has been tested successfully with the Linux-based CentOS 7 (DHCP + TFTP server) and Windows-based Serva PXE Server but other PXE servers should work as well. For step-by-step instructions, see 'Configuring a PXE Server on CentOS 7' or 'Configuring Serva for MemTest86 PXE Boot' in the MemTest86 User Guide. For others, consult the documentation for your DHCP/PXE server for configuration instructions.