MemTest86 Technical Information

Management Console

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When testing large numbers of systems, the Management Console Web server application allows system information, test status and test result information to be managed centrally for Metest86 tests.

Via a browser the Management Console allows information about tests to be displayed. This includes the status of currently running tests, system information, current and previous test results, test reports and test statistics.

In order for Memtest86 to communicate with the management console it needs to have access to the network while running, this can be achieved by booting Memtest86 via PXE boot or via TCP/IP connection on select motherboards.

If using PXE Boot, the current status is uploaded via TFTP to a folder on the PXE server. This folder is watched by a Python script for changes, on detection of a new file it will then send the XML contents of the file to the management server (the mgtconsolemsghandler.php file) via a HTTP POST request. This method requires that both Memtest86 and Management Console exist on the same Local Area Network in order to commuicate via TFTP.

When utilizing a TCP/IP connection, Memtest86's current status is send via HTTP connection to the specified Managment Console server. This method bypasses the need for TFTP uploading required when using PXE Boot. This method allows for both Memtest86 and Management Console to communicate over a remote internet connection rather than over a LAN network. The connection settings can be specified using the TCP configuration parameters

(Note: Avaliability of TCP/IP connections depend on individual motherboard support.)