MemTest86 Technical Information

Booting v5 or later in UEFI

All MemTest86 images support UEFI boot only. If your system is unable to boot MemTest86, it is most likely that either:

  1. You have an older system that does not support UEFI
  2. Your system supports UEFI but is configured in legacy mode (ie. BIOS)

If (1) is true, you system will not be able to boot MemTest86 v5 or later. You will need to upgrade to a new system that supports UEFI in order to run MemTest86 v5 or later.

If (2) is true, you will need to go to the BIOS setup and change the necessary settings in order to boot from UEFI. The actual setting varies depending on the vendor but it is typically "Legacy Boot", "CSM" or "Compatibility Support Module", like the following screenshot for an ASUS system

ASUS UEFI configuration