MemTest86 Technical Information

DIMM and Chip error decoding (Pro & Site Edition only)

MemTest86 V10.0 (Pro Edition) supports decoding and identification of the DDR5/DIMM module on which a particular error occurred. This can be used to more efficiently narrow down potentially bad RAM modules. This is done by decoding the memory address with an error and locating the physical hardware that corresponds to that address. The possibiliity of multiple channels, multiple ranks, interleaving & hashing of addresses makes this a complex process.

This includes mid-test error reporting, graphical UI summary report on test completion and per-DIMM error count table in the HTML report.

MemTest86 (Site Edition) further supports decoding of the individual memory chip in which the error occurred. The DRAM chip naming (U0...U7) can be adjusted by with config parameter CHIPMAP

Memtest86 address decode results

Note: V10.0 only supports DIMM and Chip decoding for select motherboards, memory and CPU architectures

Currently decoding is available for:

  • Z690-LGA1700 motherboards
  • Intel 12th generation Alder Lake processors
  • 16/32GB Single/Dual rank DDR5 SDRAM