What are the license restrictions on MemTest86 Free Edition?

MemTest86 Free Edition is free to download with no restrictions on usage

How many licenses of MemTest86 Pro Edition will I need?

You need 1 license per machine that is running MemTest86 Pro at the same time.

Example 1: You have a PC production line that produces 10 machines per day. You test each machine during the night. So a maximum of 10 machines are running MemTest86 Pro at any one time. 10 Licenses are required.

Example 2: You are a company that takes delivery of no more than two new machines at a time. You want to run MemTest86 Pro in both machines at the same time. 2 licenses are required.

Example 3: You have 5 staff in the field repairing PC's. Each technician carries a copy of MemTest86 with them on a USB drive. 5 licenses are required.

What are the license restrictions on MemTest86 Site Edition?

Site Edition covers an unlimited number of users within a single organization in a single country.